Ugandan comedienne Martha Kay opens up on what she would want lovers to do when a relationship is over.

When all the good times are over; when the love, affection, and respect that existed in the relationship are all extinct, how would you want to leave?

In total silence, or would you love some verbal closure? Martha Kay Kagimba opts for the latter.

Through her Twitter account, the renown Commedienne and Actress voiced her opinion and preferences.

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Ghosting is selfishness, she believes, and she would rather have a straight talk with the estranged lover to find closure rather than being ignored.

I think ghosting someone is the highest level of selfishness. I have a deep respect for someone who tells you straight up that they don’t wanna be friends/lovers anymore.

Just ignoring some one u once spoke to every day expecting them to IMAGINE what they did is just childish!

Martha Kay

Martha Kay also believes that closure erases any feeling of self-doubt for both partners and it is immature to just stay silent when the relationship is over.

“For the sake of the relationship you once had, give them closure. Don’t leave them with feelings of insecurity and self doubt just cause you are too afraid of confrontation,” she adds.

Martha Kay has been through some harsh breakups and you’d think she knows best when she speaks of closure.

How would you prefer to close a broken relationship?

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