Spice Diana, real name Hajarah Namukwaya, denies being Muslim and is not ready to compromise her dress code just because of Ramadan.

Last week, Spice Diana posted a photo of herself donning a jacket, a white bra, and panties branded by Abryanz.

Just like a few other celebrities including Judith Heard, Spice Diana is part of a new promo for Abryanz’s new clothing line.

Having shared the semi-nude photos, sections of her fans criticised her dress code saying that she did not care much about her Muslim fans who could be fasting.

During an interview with this website, Spice Diana cleared the confusion surrounding her religion as she denied being of Muslim faith.

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We applaud those who are fasting but it doesn’t mean that those who aren’t fasting should pause their lifestyles until they are done fasting because our lives have to keep going on.

Spice Diana

The Source Management singer said that despite respecting her Muslim followers, her lifestyle cannot be put at fault just because they are fasting.

I do not fast, I am not Muslim, and if the Muslims are fasting it does not mean that it is the end of the world. Other things keep moving on.

We respect our Muslim fans so much and I personally help break the fast of some of them even when I am not a Muslim myself.

I have a Muslim name, Hajarah, that I got from my step dad and I kept it but it doesn’t mean I am Muslim.

Spice Diana

Spice further urged the Muslims who are bothered by her dress code to stay off social media until the Ramadan season is over so as not to ruin their holy month.

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