Bebe Cool uses his wife Zuena Kirema in the visuals of his new video dubbed ‘Make A Wish’. It’s the second time Zuena is playing Bebe’s vixen since the ‘Kasepiki’ visuals.

In ‘Make A Wish’, Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema plays the village belle who easily wins over Bebe Cool’s heart with her hot looks.

When he meets her at the well, she sends him into a wave of imagination of what they could be as a couple and what a wonderful life that would be before waking up from his dream.

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It is no surprise that Bebe Cool dedicates the project to the lovers, and Zuena in particular, He speaks about what he has discovered about loving his woman overtime.

Many years of loving a person and I still find my love growing, Still feel I can sacrifice much more for her because she has sacrificed a lot for me. If you make it a mission to love someone, you will find it easy to handle what many call problems but I see them as challenges. Very proud to be a love ICON and who else to show it than the person who deserves it, its either your Zuena or your Bebe Cool. Let them make a wish.

Bebe Cool

The song features Joseph Sax who plays the saxophone to add the unmissable sweet sound that adds a more soothing flavor to this love ballad.

The visuals were directed by Sasha Vybz and it gives so much to watch as Bebe and his wife show off their acting skills. Take a gaze:

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