Singer Rebecca Kwikiriza, better known by stage name Chosen Becky, has expressed love, joy, and happiness as she celebrates her second-born Mutebi Heather Amir’s first birthday.

The “Bankunza” hitmaker poured her heart out and explained how she was treated well before and after giving birth to her son.

Taking to her Instagram account, Chosen Becky with too much excitement penned down how her small family has been living happily since welcoming their baby boy.

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She explains that her baby daddy Dictator Amir has shown her that there are men who still truly love kids and their wives from the bottom of their hearts.

She thanked Amir for always taking good care of their son by directly involving himself in bathing and dressing him up.

Finally, I thank dad Heather Dictator Amir who showed me that there are still men who truly love kids. Men fear newborn babies but he never feared his son, he could bathe him, dress up him, carry him every day and also clean his pupu. I could find him singing, clapping, and dancing for a one-day-old baby who couldn’t even see him.

With Amir and his son, bannange it was a movie; I don’t know where he learned that mother language from, I could find him talking to his son mbu, “ acheche omwanyaaa … baby wanje I yavuyuuu “we could enjoy seeing them together.

Actually, when I was still preg, he told me, he will be speaking Jamaican language with his son, mbu ajja mugamba nga , “yo watsap mhan, everything nice? And heather will reply “ yo yo everytin cool bruh “ hahah but guess what, I swear he never spoke even aka small Jamaican word ayogela luganda lwokka.

And honestly, Amir’s love for his son never changed, even when he is ill on the bed, he still wishes to hold his son, he still enjoys supervising him playing, even when he is at work he still calls and talks to his son, yenoomala omugamba nti Heather yagambye taata aliwa hoooo he can give you all the money you want!

Thank you Dictator Amir for being a real dad to your son. Happy birthday RAMATHAN, KITIIBWWA, ADAM, ADMIREABLE, MUTEBI HEATHER AMIR. We love you son.

Chosen Becky

Happy Birthday Mutebi Heather Amir!

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