For a while now, there has been a silent beef between Baboon Forest Entertainment Luga-flow story-teller Ernest Nsimbi alias GNL Zamba and fellow rapper Jim Nola MC.

The cause of their beef is still unclear but basing on Jim Nola MC’s new song dubbed “Deforestation”, their beef seems to have come a long way.

Listening to the Jam, Jim Nola MC comes out bare-knuckles striking GNL Zamba over a string of things that he did against him some years ago.

The song hits very hard at GNL Zamba and we are certain that we he gets to listen to it, he will surely fire back in equal measure.

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As we await GNL Zamba’s response, Don MC Kapata has already picked his side. He is backing Jim Nola MC.

In a very precise submission on his social media pages, Don MC heaped praise on Jim Nola MC saying GNL Zamba is a good rapper but Jim Nola MC is lyrically greater.

Ehh GNL ZAMBA and JIM NOLA what went wrong?

LUNO lunaggwa. Truth be told GNL ZAMBA is good but lyrically JIM NOLA is great..Awakana go listen to Jim Nola’s Deforestation.

Dom MC

With our fingers crossed, we wait upon GNL Zamba’s response to the beef song.

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