Baboon Forest Entertainment boss GNL Zamba has indirectly hit back at fellow rapper Jim Nola MC saying he isn’t surprised by his betrayal after the latter recently dropped a song “Deforestation” in which he attacked him.

In Jim Nola MC’s song, the rapper went bare-knuckles and stung GNL Zamba, according him all sorts of belittling statements that didn’t go down well with Baboon Forest camp boss.

Another rapper Don MC Kapata chipped in the beef by taking sides as he praised Jim Nola MC of being lyrically better and greater than GNL Zamba.

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Taking to a series of posts on his Facebook page, GNL Zamba wrote saying that “when the grass is cut, the snakes show.”

GNL revealed that he isn’t surprised by the betrayal going his way from people he believes he gave a hand in the music business.

He added that despite the shed that is being cast against him, he has no time for beef and fights with fellow artists as his main aim is to make money.

When the grass is cut the snakes will show, when betrayal happens it isn’t surprising, it is expected and factored into the master plan.

#TheForestIsforever in the Forest we have learned to meditate & become the masters of giving time, time!

Intuition is real. Vibes are real. Energy doesn’t lie. Tune into tune out all the bad energy.

GNL Zamba

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