Ugandan rising singer Aybrah dropped his 2021 release dubbed ‘Bad Manners’ over a month ago and he shares the inspiration behind the project.

Starting with his very first single ‘Nkusanyuse’ which dropped way back in 2017 to his recently released hit song ‘Bad Manners’, Aybrah’s talent keeps developing.

The rising Singer and Songwriter continually gives us reason to anticipate placing his name among the very best artistes on the scene some day.

About three months ago, his 8-track debut album titled Bad Manners was released and he has already enjoyed the fame that came with it.

We met up with Aybrah and he shared the storyline and magic behind the popular ‘Bad Manners’ song and the entire album.

Aybrah also talks about his family, what he is upto now, and his next stride in his musical career. Follow conversation below:

Since its release, ‘Bad Manners’ has gone on to top the charts and dominated the airwaves, which kind of revalidates your status than never before. How does this make you feel?

It’s such a blessing for my song having a pleasing performance. I believe in God’s timing and this is the time that God prepared this to happen.

I have had a number of songs for two years right now, so when ‘Bad Manners’ is doing well, I just thank God because he has finally allowed my music to reach every ear. Its such a blessing!

The album is themed majorly on love and family values – how have these affected the man that Aybrah is today?

Love and family has always been part of me. That’s what I am, am a family man. I have a beautiful wife and three kids, I’m just blessed. I thank God.

Balancing out your roles as a family man, hit maker, and man of the people sure doesn’t seem like an easy feat. How have you managed to pull through?

It’s not actually difficult balancing family, music, and work like business. It’s all about prioritizing. First of all if you have God coming first, then family next, then work.

Just make sure God knows and you trust him, considering him as a person who is going to lead you in every way. Then take care of your family, make sure your wife is happy, the kids are taken care of, everything else will workout. That’s it!

By now, we’re hoping that ‘1Bad Manners’ would your favorite track from the album given its success and critical reception. Can you confirm is it and why?

I have a number of beautiful tracks on the album, yet to release, yeah. Actually, ‘Bad Manners’ was my first track off the album but I did it consoling some people. I considered favorites, understand so, like I said it’s a blessing to this track and it does so well.

Going back to the year 2020, how did you cope with all the shock and surprise that the year brought? What impact did it have on you and your career?

2020! 2020 was very shocking man. Being in the house, you get out and look at your car when its parked there, it doesn’t have any fault, all the tyres are nice, the battery is ok, everything is ok on the car but you couldn’t drive it. That lockdown was serious man. It’s the most annoying.

One time one of my kids got sick, I went to the Police and asked them for permission to make it to the hospital. Instead, they said I that I needed permission from the RDC. One Police officer advised me to just drive my child to hospital if it’s really a serious case and explain to any other officer who would stop me on the way. God took us through that process and slowly he is getting us back to normal.

What was the biggest lesson 2020 taught you?

My biggest lesson would be; Being prepared for all seasons. First of all, always make sure that you trust God whole heartedly. Never panic, believe that God has put you in such a situation purposefully.

Secondly, try as much as you can to prepare for all such kinds of seasons. The lockdown season also helped us to do great music that’s why am having an album. We had a lot of time on ourselves.

And with the new year 2021, what do you hope to achieve that your fans can look up to?

For my fans, I want them to know that we are taking over. Thank you for supporting me and spreading our music, to friends and loved ones, playing it on your speakers, phones, just keep doing it.

Let Aybrah be the name everywhere. I know you love good music, and good music is great music. Such music with good vocals, instrumentation is class man. So, lets work together keep supporting me, and I will surely keep doing great music and I won’t disappoint you.

How would I do only a single track and it hits then cease?

No, I am going to keep bringing great vibes for you, my fans. Thank you very much!

More About Aybrah

Born and raised in Kansanga, a suburb of Kampala, Aybrah was bred closely to his grandmother in an extended family.

Aybrah’s hopes of doing music sparked at a tender age as he together with mother and siblings engaged in daily church choir sessions.

During his O’level at Kajjansi Progressive Secondary School, Aybrah started a nine boys gospel music group called ‘Home Clan’.

However, the music group split a year later and Aybrah moved on with only one colleague with whom he kept the candle burning till his A Level.

Aybrah’s talent in music was dimmed for almost 4years when he travelled to India for studies in Computer Engineering field.

Upon his return from India, Aybrah wasn’t at any moment hesitant to rekindle his talent at any cost.

He hustled through thin and thick till date where he holds an experience of two years in professional music.

Bad Manners Album comprises of 8 songs; Bad Manners, Abaawo, Mbooma, Why, Kankuwane, Yoono, Yummy, and Ntyamu Ft. Daddy Andre and its entirely produced by top music producers in Uganda.

It is available on all music streaming platforms such as; YouTube, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Audiomack.

Watch Bad Manners official video by Aybrah here:

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