Zebrakross CEO Sizzaman is living the life of his dreams but he earned just Shs500 for his very first performance and he is grateful for the opportunity that was handed to him by Mr. Mosh.

Sizzaman was a household name in the Ugandan music industry several years ago and he was part of the music revolution that saw the rise of Radio and Weasel among other top artistes.

The “Mafaranga” singer relocated to England where he is living with his British wife and their two daughters Ava and Charlotte.

Every success story has a beginning and for Sizzaman, it started at the Cave Bar where he had his very first performance many years ago.

What is memorable about the day is how he was handed Shs500 from Mr. Mosh Sendi who believed in his talent and gave him the chance to perform.

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Sizzaman reveals that he spent his entire first payment in transport back to Mukono where he used to stay but he is grateful to Mr. Mosh for the opportunity that set his career rolling.

The Mafaranga singer thanked Mr. Mosh through a Facebook post while wishing him a happy birthday on Thursday 27th May, 2021.

My first time to perform at the cave he told me I was talented and he gave me my first cheque of 500shs. I remember I used 300shs to pay for my taxi back to Mukono. Unfortunately I fell asleep and woke up in Lugazi so I had to spend the 200shs to bring me back to Mukono, ku kameeme ate.

He never stopped. Even though communicating wasn’t easy, we had no mobile phones, he always found a way of inviting us to all the gigs he organised. Today I congratulate Mr Mosh Ssendi on his win. You are really a good person and I know you will serve your people.

We wish you a happy birthday may God bless you.


Formerly a singer and emcee, Mr Mosh joined radio which he quit in February to concentrate on his new political career. We wish him well too!

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