Cindy Sanyu, a Singer and president of the Uganda Musicians Association, states that the man who touched Vinka’s genitalia while she performed in Juba was enticed because she was dressed skimpily.

While performing in Juba, South Sudan earlier in May, Ugandan singer Vinka kicked a man who touched her private parts as she performed on stage.

The incident received mixed reactions with several people applauding Vinka’s actions while others blamed her for different reasons including how skimpily she was dressed.

If I dress skimpy outfits, I expect things of the nature. Somewhere at the back of my mind I know that the way I’m dressed is very provocative.

Cindy Sanyu

According to UMA president Cindy Sanyu, Vinka must have expected such a thing to happened because she was dressed skimpily.

Cindy, a mother of one, notes that she has been through similar moments where a fan touches the singer inappropriately but usually it’s because the artistes entice the fans with their skimpy outfits.

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The Boom Party singer was appearing in an interview on Urban Television while she made these statements and she cautioned women to take responsibility of how they dress up.

“I’ve gone through what Vinka went through but in my mind, if I dress skimpy outfits, I expect things of the nature. Somewhere at the back of my mind I know that the way I’m dressed is very provocative,” Cindy noted.

“In her case, the fan was so close and her genitals were on display so I feel like it was natural for the fan to touch. That is the angle from which I look at it.

“As a woman you gotta have responsibility for your own body. I am mature enough now to know the power of my nudity as a woman. I’m aware that if I come with my cleavage on display, men will stare. I know what it comes with.

“I would kick him, I would fight him. I would’ve been angry with security asking why they weren’t available to ensure that such doesn’t happen. However, I cannot blame her reaction because everyone feels different but I would move back and not harm the fan.

“The truth is that the fan wasn’t thinking of disrespecting Vinka. He just wanted to touch her because she looks good. Women, always take responsibility for whatever you’re wearing because such is bound to happen,” Cindy added.

Vinka and Cindy are not the best of friends and their beef was exposed when the former sides with Sheebah before Cindy referred to them as “dummies”.

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