Critics on social media bodyshamed Prima Kardashi when she uploaded semi-nude photos of herself on Facebook but she is unbothered.

Prima Kardashi, Geosteady’s ex-girlfriend, has been romping with Galaxy FM presenter Mr. Henrie real name Henry Arinitwe.

They left the country a few days ago to Dublin where they have been enjoying a good time, visiting the leisure spots and beaches.

They shared videos and photos of themselves while at the beach and Prima’s body was out on display very much to the discontent of some viewers.

In the comments on some posts, critics pointed out at how the city businesswoman and beautician’s booty is not perfectly shaped.

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Prima retaliated through her social media in a post she later deleted. She noted how she cannot be expected to have a perfect body and that it’s something she cannot change.

She further revealed that she will not stop wearing whatever she wants no matter what is said about her body.

So, you Ugandans want everyone to have a perfect body. Natunula nga emiwuzi naye ayogera. Am the Prima you will forever have. Nobody is gonna change that.

And I will wear anything I wish. You can say sh*t, just don’t come near me. I don’t force anyone to love me either! CEO in the making.

Prima Kardashi

Prima Kardashi is not the first woman in the entertainment circles to be bodyshamed after the likes of Winnie Nwagi, Zahara Totto, and many more.

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