Ugandan singer Angella Katatumba would never opt for condoms while having sex and she has an interesting reason to back her decision.

One of the biggest controversial stories of Angella Katatumba’s career in the last years has been her bitter split with former lover Daddy Andre.

Their spilt left their deepest kept secrets spewing across the gossip corridors including the biggest reason that led to their breakup.

Katatumba has revealed in several interviews that Daddy Andre refused to have an HIV test and she also decided that he was never gonna be the man to live the rest of her future with.

Their love fling that lasted just a few months ended right there and despite both moving on into different relationships, a few questions remain unanswered.

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One of those is if their relationship was sexual. One would imagine that it was not depending on Katatumba’s opinion on the matter.

While speaking in a recent interview, the songstress was asked why she did not opt for condoms just to keep her relationship with Andre going when the latter refused to test for HIV.

Katatumba revealed that she does not fancy condoms as a safe method to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

She acknowledged that she is aware of how several men want to impregnant her and use the opportunity to enjoy her riches and they would remove the condom without her knowledge during sex to achieve that.

I don’t like using condoms because some men will tear the condom or remove it without your knowledge.

Men always want to make me pregnant because I’m from the Katatumba family. We are rich. I know those tricks and I can not fall for them.

Angella Katatumba

This only means that for Katatumba to have sex, she must have tested with the partner and she is also conscious about family the available planning methods.

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