Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has called for mutual love and respect from music fans, requesting them to stop insulting her on social media.

The singer also warned that if they continue sending her negative energy, she will also respond in the same measure because she is fed up with those who try to lecture her on social media.

She asked fans to also stop scaring her and acting as if they are her Ssenga and they should instead give those lessons to their daughters.

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She also asked parents to control what their children see on social media and if they wish; to block her and send their kids to school.

Winnie Nwagi asked those who criticise her skimpy dress code to mind their business because she has inspired many thick women to dress they way they feel like.

Fans should love and respect us the way we are. They need to stop insulting me on social media because I got fed and it depends on the way you reply to me on social media is the same way I will respond.

They should also stop scaring us. There those who come to our pages and begin to lecture us as if they are our aunts. No, You should stop it because we have our Ssenga’s in our homes. Instead, you should give those lectures to your daughters.

In fact, you feel like you don’t want your children to follow tell them to block me from their social accounts and take them back to school. I also have a child and am free to do whatever I want, let it be dancing in front of her.

And if you feel like thick women don’t deserve to deck on skimpy outfits that’s your problem because I inspire many thick women out there who in the past couldn’t wear the same kind of outfits, but as of now, they can.

Winnie Nwagi

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