Nubian Li addresses media upon being released from prison

Nubian Li came from jail with a cleanly shaven head. He says losing his dreads was not his choice but “the order came from above.”

In February, while reporting to court for their bail application hearing, NUP supporters Nubian Li and Sir. Dan Magic had lost their dreads.

Known for their trademark hairstyle, it was hard to identify the Firebase artistes from the crowds of prisoners as they left the prison bus.

Their close friend, also Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Eddie Mutwe had lost his thick beard.

They have been in Kitalya Prison, in and out of court on charges of possession of firearms until on Monday 14th June, 2021 when they were released by the general court martial.

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Upon release, Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, Sir. Dan Magic, and others were welcomed back home by their fellow NUP supporters led by the party president Bobi Wine.

They held a couple of interviews with media in which they narrated the forgettable experiences while in jail.

While speaking to Spark TV, Bobi Wine’s righthand man and music partner Nubian Li revealed that it was against his will that his dreads were cut.

He noted that he would have preference to keep his dreads until he left prison because it is his signature look but he was forced to shave it all off.

Nubian Li revealed that the prison staff that shaved his hair off told him that the order to have his hair shaven came from bosses above them.

They came for me and I told them my hair is one of the ways I brand myself. They refused saying it was the policy of prison.

The order to have my hair cut came from above. They would have let me keep it but they said their bosses insisted that I cut it off.

Nubian Li

Nubian Li and others were arrested in Kalangala District while on a campaign trail with the NUP leader and had been in prison since December 30th, 2020.

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