Rabadaba had no kind words while responding to Full Figure’s opinion about his new relationship with Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi.

Singer Rabadaba, real name Faisal Sseguya made his relationship official with socialite and AK47’s ex-girlfriend Maggie Kiweesi over the weekend.

At the glamorous Kwanjula ceremony, several celebrities attended and wished the new celebrity couple luck in their marriage.

One of the few other celebrities who didn’t attend the wedding, however, Full Figure seemed not happy about the couple’s achievement.

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Full Figure, real name Jennifer Nakangubi, while speaking to media at the start of the week revealed her disappointment in Maggie choosing Rabadaba.

The controversial singer noted that on top of the two not being a matching couple, they rushed into marriage and that it would end in tears.

She also emphasised how Rabadaba is the wife in the relationship and is only in it because Nnalongo Maggie is financially stable while he is a broke and failed singer.

Full Figure

Upon hearing what Full Figure had to say, Rabadaba spewed some venom. While speaking to media, the singer went all-out, labeling Full Figure all the unpleasant words.

The Mukyamu singer said that Full Figure doesn’t deserve to be given attention because she is an illiterate, ugly, irrelevant, lowlife person whose opinion doesn’t count.

He also reminded her of how he is an educated successful man who was raised from a rich family and does not need to love a woman for her wealth.

Rabadaba has often mentioned that Maggie Kiweesi was his first crush and that their relationship started in 1999.

Full Figure is an illiterate, low-life, and ugly woman. Since when does her opinion matter? She cannot sit at the same table with me.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Technology, she can’t even construct a sentence in English. She’s talking as who?


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