Former Kream Production band singer, Kemi Sera says come rain or shine she can never get back in a romantic relationship with Hajji Haruna Mubiru.

According to Kemi Sera, when she joined the band she fell in love with Haruna Mubiru and in the process of wanting to make her a star, the two started sharing the same house.

The “Akagato” singer went on to explain that when she was in a romantic relationship with the Kream Production boss, she often got threatened by her co-wives who would always tell her that she wouldn’t make it in life, hence tried to make the relationship work out but everything failed to take the direction she wanted.

Life got tough during the 2020 lockdown where she could no longer afford rent, and couldn’t secure gigs and thus the situation forced her to return to her home village in Kakuto.

I used to get threats when I was with Haruna Mubiru and I tried to make the relationship work but it failed. Things got tough last year when I could not afford rent, my music came to a halt and I didn’t know where to turn. I went back to the village.

Kemi Sera

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While in the village, she spent three months with her phone switched off in efforts to take care of her mental health as she was suffering from depression.

After recovering somehow, Kemi Sera gave a call to singer Mary Bata seeking for help which she gladly offered to her till now as the two stay together under the same roof.

I cannot get back with Haruna Mubiru, that ship has sailed. My biggest regret is that he put me at the top and he is the very same person who brought me down. I forgave him now because he gave me the opportunity to hold the mic and be known.

Kemi Sera

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