Benise Sweetbeats, real name Bénise Nikobiri, is a Burundian female gospel artiste using her talent to preach the the word of God.

Benise Sweetbeats was born in the East African country, Burundi, where she lived for eight years only.

She spent her childhood studying in South Africa, Kenya, and Rwanda before relocating to London, U.K in 2002 where she lived for 19 years.

She remembers her love for music starting at an early age and she has been writing since she was thirteen years old.

Common for several gospel artistes today, Benise first fell in love with secular music. However, when she gave her life to Christ in 2008, she adopted gospel music.

“I’ve been writing since I was 13. I was a secular artist before I became a gospel artist. When I gave my life to Jesus in 2008, I turned to gospel and the rest is history,” Benise Sweetbeats reavealed while speaking to

Despite having written many songs, Benise had to wait until 2019 to release her very first gospel album titled ‘Hosanna’.

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The 8-track gospel album seems to have opener doors for her and she signed a new recording deal with Ugandan-based record label Peniel Nation in 2021.

She believes signing with Peniel Nation will push her brand to larger platforms to inspire, influence, and cause positive impact on people.

For inspiration, Benise Sweetbeats looks at God first. She is also inspired by her parents, family, international men and women of God, gospel artistes, and businesswomen in that order.

In Uganda, she would love to work with Chikibombe hit singer Levixone Lucas.

She says, “I’m not so familiar with the Ugandan gospel scene but I’ve heard about Levixone. (It) would be great to work with him.”


Benise believes there is a big difference between gospel music and secular music because gospel music is inspired by God.

Gospel music is an inspiration from God. Any gospel track needs to be a direct inspiration from God. That’s the difference between gospel music and secular music.

Benise Sweetbeats

She also advises other gospel artistes to be original and creative, and to invest extra effort in producing gospel music if they want to bridge the gap between gospel and secular music.

“Second, the Bible says; anything that you do, do it well. I believe being excellent or trying to be excellent in producing a gospel song is very key on the impact that it will make,” Benise notes.

She adds “It’s okay to be original and creative in the process of creating a gospel track. It makes the song beautiful and God is okay with that.”

Benise has been to Kampala before and she loves the Ugandan food. is open to a return if an opportunity presents itself.

In the next few years of her career, Benise plans to release more music projects, do more gospel ministry works, and propel her other personal businesses to success.

About the Peniel Nation record lable

Peniel Nation, previously known as Opera Records/Opera Empire, was created in mid-2015 in Kampala, Uganda.

Why the change in the name?

The reason is very simple. Life is full of teachings. The Covid-19 pandemic is the latest and unprecedented devastating experience by humanity in many decades.

There are other natural calamities in the world (drought, flooding, tornado, accidents, earthquake, climate change) often faced by the humanity.

With all of these, we believe that all our actions on earth are supported by a supreme authority, God.

By choosing Peniel, which means the Face of God, in Hebrew, we thought that the label can always bring solace to artists in a life context full of calamities.


The goal with Opera was to create a label that is home for African artistes through a niche of connecting them with a wide network of artists across the continent, from West – East – Central, in particular.

This connection has happened through quality audio recordings. For instance, the label recorded a Kahlifa collabo with 2G – a Kenyan female singer, Iry Tina collabo with Matabaro and Frank G80, two upcoming artists in Burundi; Diamant Miel – a Congolese band singer, etc.

The label also does artist bookings. It has enabled several Ugandan artistes to perform in Burundi including Sheebah Karungi, Nutty Neithan, Latinum, etc.

Iry Tina is also signed to Peniel Nation

Peniel Nation signed Benise Sweetbeats – their first interaction with the now trending gospel music – with a plan to ensure that her talents are exposed across the continent and beyond, through effective promotion.

“We see a strong feature in Benise, who exhibits a strong presence on stage. Obviously, we are also exploring the possibility to organize a gospel concert in which our artist will be featured,” noted Peniel Nation.

Benise Sweetbeats is destined for greatness and we urge you to receive her with open arms.

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