According to a one Joan Namatovu, Peter Ssematimba made her pregnant her ten years ago and now wants to take the child away from her.

Namatovu says that she was hired as Ssematimba’s househelp in 2005. She was 17-years -old at the time and not interested in men.

Slowly, day by day, the former Member of Parliament enticed her into sleeping with him until she even fell in love with him.

After countless moments of having unprotected sex, Namatovu reveals that she became pregnant and later gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 2010.

Joan Namatovu

I started working as a maid at Peter Ssematimba’s home in 2005. He made me pregnant and I gave birth in 2010.

Joan Namatovu

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While speaking to Sanyuka TV, the teary Namatovu revealed that upon realising that she had given birth, the former Busiro South MP Peter Ssematimba panicked.

Ssematimba allegedly gave the child a name and rented for Namatovu a house in Zana as she continued working as a house help to raise money to fend for her baby.

She says that since 2005, she has been in constant communication with Ssematimba. She alleges that they even continued eloping ntil 2019 when he cut off communication.

Peter Ssematimba has now dragged Namatovu to court over child custody. She alleges that he wants to take her child away from him.

Through his lawyers, Mudawa & Kyogula Advocates, Ssematimba reportedly ran to Makindye Family Court seeking sole custody of his daughter.

He cites that his maid and ex-lover Namatovu Joan cannot provide the necessary child support and care to their daughter.

Below is more of what Namatovu had to say:

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