Eva Lubulwa

Australia-based Uganda presenter Eva Lubulwa has announced the end of her radio show Highly Melanated.

Eva revealed the sad news via her social media while hoping she will return to Australian airwaves one day, when she goes back to the largest country in Oceania.

“In sad news i have finally had to say goodbye to highly melanated,” she posted on her Instagram page.

“I have loved doing this radio show because It provided me with sanity, faith and excitement but as they say ‘things are not easy mwana’ so i have decided to end the show while I am on Ugandan soil.”

The radio guru was thankful to her support saying; “I would love to thank everyone who has helped me especially @_itsarah , @voshlines @one_livin_mc @gwenfaridah @iamjoshruby @edgarkazibwe @cindyliang.studio @thismuchtalentau @_mrbuddylove with keeping me going, helping me brand and connected to the music scene in Australia and Uganda.

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“For my friends, my parents, my family, my children and my partner I love you greatly.

“Hopefully I will be able to come back to Australia and be on air one day but until then happy freaking Monday every monday. The love is genuinely heavy.

She added; “Warning I do cry but when the heart is heavy the tears a many. I love you all deeply good luck with everything it jas been an honour to share my life with tou [sic].”

About Highly Melanated

Highly Melanated was a weekly radio show Eva Lubulwa presented while in Australia. It aired between every Monday night at 10pm – 12am (AEDT) or 3pm – 5pm (EAT). 

The melanin-soaked show celebrated the creative genius of people of colour locally, nationally and world wide.

Lubulwa – who was born in Melbourne to Ugandan parents – started the show in 2017 on 3RRR FM, one of Melbourne’s longest running community radio stations.

Her first engagement with radio resulted from my friend inviting her to do an arts show, and part of the promotion for the show was being interviewed on radio.

On her show, Eva managed to interview and promote several Ugandan talents including A Pass Bagonza, Judith Heard, Suzan Mutesi, Ykee Benda, Dre Cali, Spice Diana, Recho Rey and Dj Slick Stuart among others.

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