Renown local herbalist Mama Fina asks ladies who are interested in having a stable marriage with Pastor Peter Ssematimba to look for her so that she gives them a charm that will stop him from cheating on them.

While speaking on NBS TV UnCut show, Mama Fina stressed that she is willing to offer the charm to ladies free of charge.

She also said that if they use the charm and later find out that Ssematimba cheated on them, she will quit the business of supplying local herbs.

Mama Fina also revealed how shocked she was upon finding out that Pastor Peter Ssematimba is among men who sire children with house-helps.

She said that Ssematimba’s conduct in public and his reputation have always created a different impression.

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Mama Fina went on to scoff at how Pastor Peter Ssematimba and many other pastors are a disgrace to society.

She noted that many Ugandans and their respective pastors are not true believers but just pretend to spread the word of God.

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