Popular model and beauty queen Nnalongo Judith Heard reveals how she has been advised by different make-up artists to bleach a little to look more stunning but has always rejected.

The mother of three opened up about the temptation to bleach while narrating how she deeply loves her skin color.

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While on Urban TV, Nnalongo Judith Heard explained that while growing up, many of their childhood friends used to mock them about their skin texture. Others would call them ugly, something that made her feel bad.

She, however, got to learn that black is beautiful when she matured and vowed never to bleach.

JH has always rejected advice and suggestions from make-up artists requesting her to bleach a little to look more beautiful.

Growing up they used to mock us for being black. They used to call us ugly we used to feel bad. As an adult, several make-up artists have advised me to bleach a little bit that I would look more beautiful but I reject all such suggestions because black is beautiful.

Every human was created in a special way and we are all beautiful in our natural colours.

Judith Heard

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