Talk and Talk Show Crew - Jenkins, Kasuku and Ssendi on Spark TV live

Ugandan radio and Youtube sensation Isaac Katende aka Kasuku has celebrated 10 years of the Talk and Talk show with co-presenters Jenkins Mukasa and Edward Ssendikadiwa.

Airing live on local TV Spark and host radio Ddembe FM, Kasuku, Jenkins and Edward re-lived all the years they have dissected happenings on the Ugandan entertainment scene.

The trio received love from all over the country as well as listeners from the diaspora. Monies and gifts of appreciation from dignitaries were also announced on the fete organized in the TV studios.

Talking up the show’s history and how the idea nearly failed to make it’s first birthday, Kasuku narrated how one weekend was just enough to save it.

“For starters, 10 years ago I was a very little boy. I was not very big,” he narrated on NTV The Beat show.

“I was starting out this business but I was doing something exceptional when I was handed the mantle to host a show that big. We really didn’t think the show was going to go this far.

“The hurdles that came along the way. It was 7 months into the show, Joel Isabirye left his job, you know. Then, the MD or the owner of the radio at the time Patrick Bitature appointed other people to take on the show.

“And those people that were appointed had other ideas about what the show would be so the show was going off air at the time. Until Christine Mawadri came in and she was like ‘No Stay..’ you know all those things.

“Then, as we were still settling and coming to terms with that, Monitor came to buy us. Monitor intially didn’t want the show because I think the bosses had never heard of it.

“It was not their thing. So just one weekend flipped everything, and on Monday I am getting phone calls ehh ‘come to office, we need to talk,’ ehh ‘you need to sign a contract’.”

Talk and Talk Show has hosted a plethora of Uganda’s finest entertainers, brought to the fore controversial opinions in the music industry, also often credited for brutal honesty on pressing issues.

Way to go Talk and Talk team! Cheers to more years!

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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