NTV Mix Show host Etania dancing Credit: Drama Dancuns | Twitter - @Photos_By_Drama

NTV Uganda has issued an apology for indecency by one of its audience members that unfortunately aired live during the NTV Mix Show on June 25.

As common policy by most TV stations, a Zoom feed for fans is often relayed during the live mix shows but the fateful night saw a yet-to-be identified fan display his private parts.

There was strong bemusement and criticism from observers about the profane incident including sub-tweets from rival stations on how inappropriate it was.

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Less than 24 hours later, NTV Uganda says it cautioned studio technical staff, launched an inquiry into the matter, and also suspended the director and producer of the show.

“On Friday 25th June 2021, during the live broadcast of the NTV Mix Show, one of the audience members appeared to have indecently exposed himself,” read a statement released by the station.

We regret this unfortunate incident and have reported the matter to Uganda l Communications Commission (UCC).

We have also appealed to UCC for assistance in identifying and prosecuting the individual involved.

NTV Uganda

“In addition, we have suspended the director and producer of the show and an inquiry into the matter is underway. All our studio technical staff, producers and presenters have also been reminded to always be mindful of such mischievous audience mebers.

“NTV is a law-adiding corporate entity, and we reiterae our fidelity to the Minimum Broadcasting Standards, as well as our own Nation Media Group Editorial Pollicy Guidelines. We are also a family-oriented station and appeal to our audiences to act with decency, respect and decorum when they interact with our platforms.

“We sincerely aoplogise to our esteemed viewers and other stakeholders for this unfortunate event.”

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