Shakira Shakiraa, real name Shakira Kamulegeya denies being in a romantic affair with Daddy Andre again as she expresses her fear for Nina Roz.

In a video that made rounds a few days ago, Daddy Andre is seen touching Shakira’s butt as they laugh and later have lunch together in a romantic manner.

The video raised speculations of a possible romantic affair between the two singers, the same rumors that have been ongoing since Shakira returned from the USA.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre

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Shakira has been doing a couple of media tours as she promotes her music across different radio and television stations.

During a recent interview, the curvaceous singer was asked to comment about the rumors that have been making rounds indicating that she is dating Daddy Andre.

She noted that Daddy Andre is a labelmate and friend. She also distanced herself from any romantic affair.

Shakira further revealed that she would never want to be the reason for any happy relationship to end and that she fears Nina Roz.

Uh, I fear her. You never know what a woman can do when rumors are saying that you are the reason they broke up.

Shakira Shakiraa

Shakira is signed to Black Market Records, the same record label to which Daddy Andre is signed.

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