To “keep the fire burning”, trending Singer and Songwriter Mudra has turned to loans to finance his music career during the lockdown.

For many, Mudra’s breakthrough was, in some ways, a case of bad timing because despite having several hit songs, he would not get to make enough money off them with bars and concerts still under lockdown.

The thought seems true especially after the singer revealing that his business hasn’t given enough returns on investment so far.

Mudra, real name Alpha Ssebunya, can sing, write music, produce, play instruments, and dance. A fully packaged music talent.

With all that, however – plus a couple of hit songs under his name – Mudra is worried that the ban on concerts is to have a long-term effect on the local entertainment industry.

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Many artistes have already come out to ask for financial handouts from the government. Mudra himself revealed that he is financially struggling during a recent interview with MBU.UG.

In another interview, the Muyayu singer revealed that to keep his career moving, he has turned to asking for loans to finance studio sessions and collaborations.

Reports suggest that Mudra has been spending more time in studio than he has ever before. Zex Bilangilangi recently revealed that they have a hot track they have been working on.

It is also reported that the young talent has a collaboration with Sheebah Karungi which is expected to turn more heads.

He plans to use these loans to keep releasing music and growing his fan base with hope that when the industry returns to normal, he will be a big star able to organise huge concerts and make money from.

He has the zeal to keep moving even in the toughest of times and maybe, just maybe, that could be test of greater things to come.

We hope it all counts one day. Hard luck Mudra!

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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