Firebase Crew singer Dax Vibes says that artists need to wake up and understand that they are all slaves before it is too late.

The “Mayumba Kumi” singer called upon fellow artists to understand that they are all slaves while giving his view about the newly formed musicians associations which have divided them into different sections.

When asked if he is ready and willing to join any of the associations, Zex was positive saying that he will join any association he finds to have a mission of uplifting artists from the enslavement that they are all under at the moment.

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Dax Vibes stated that he feels flabbergasted with the way how veteran artists like Willy Mukabya who released several hit jams are relying on petty cash handouts from their music content that they sold to UgaTunes App.

He reasoned that he will only join an association that will help artists who have made hits to ripe from their works like how Europeans earn from them.

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