Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black

Born on 5th July, 1989, Ugandan socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black celebrates her 32nd birthday today.

If there is one lady who is loved by almost each and every Ugandan, then it is Bad Black. Most say they love her for her honesty.

She will say whatever she wants openly and always gets away with it. Bad Black is just a happy character that Ugandans have learnt to appreciate overtime.

Today, the controversial socialite turns 32-years-old. It also comes amid preparations for her wedding with Asha Panda.

Bad Black and her fiancé Asha Panda

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At 32, Bad Black is a popular figure. The mother of four also believes she is a stronger woman now who feels there is nothing she cannot achieve.

32 years officially mood. Happy Birthday to me coz I am a strong woman.

Bad Black

Through Facebook, Bad Black revealed the top four strengths that have enabled her to achieve what she has achieved thus far.

“I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, nor let people mistreat me. I don’t respond to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. If I fall I will rise up even stronger because I am survivor and not a victim. I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve,” Bad Black wrote.

The day comes at a time when Uganda is under lockdown with social gatherings still banned otherwise we could have been in for a big bash.

Join us in wishing her a happy birthday!

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