Despite facing attack from some sections of the public and media, Caroline Marcah maintains that nothing will ever ruin her relationship with MC Kats.

Bukedde TV presenter Caroline Marcah Mirembe has been thrown to the den of wolves in recent months since going public about her closeness with feloow TV presenter and talent manager MC Kats.

So much has been said about their relationship icluding allegations that she is HIV positive because she is dating the renown emcee who publicly disclosed his status years ago.

During a Facebook live interaction on Wednesday, put the HIV positive rumors to bed when she publicly displayed her HIV test results.

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Marcah also revealed how it has not been easy dealing with the criticism and stigma that has been thrown at her for being MC Kats’ closest friend.

She admitted that it has been a tough time since the public got to know about her relationship with the legendary emcee and has even cost her some friends.

“When the media ran stories that me and MC Kats are lovers, it was hell for me. My entire family was worried. I also lost some friends so basically it wasn’t an easy time,” said the former NTV presenter.

Marcah, however, went on to reveal that nothing said about MC Kats will stop her from loving him because they will be best friends forever.

She maintained that she has lived with so many HIV positive people and that cannot be what people front as a reason for her to separate from MC Kats.

“By the way Kats is not the first HIV positive person I’ve been with. I have been friends with many, others passed on others are still alive. So basically nothing will seperate us, we are just besties for life and those who have been asking my HIV status, I am negative,” she added.

Everyone needs a Marcah, innit?

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