Kadongo Kamu singer Vicent Segawa has publicly revealed he switched from doing secular music to serve Allah ever since he converted from Christianity to Islam.

The “Sisili” singer thanks Allah for having blessed him to live a holy life that he was missing during the times he was deeply rooted in doing secular music.

He added that he is apparently seeking the heavenly kingdom and doesn’t want anything to do with secular music as the Quaran directs Muslims.

He also revealed how he cleared his memory of music as he is now feeding on the word of Allah and spreading it to the little ones through teaching them in a school that is under construction.

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Vicent Segawa further disclosed that he trashed and deleted everything concerning his music and requested all those having his music whether on YouTube channels, radio stations, and TV stations to delete it reasoning he doesn’t want anything to do with secular music.

When asked if he gets booked for a musical concert if he would perform and get paid, Vicent Segawa maintained he doesn’t want to do anything dealing with music.

He added that music and the word of Allah can’t live together in the same space as he reasoned that when one puts their focus on music, Allah’s word evaporates immediately.

Solomon Mwesigwa

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