According to the screenshots, upcoming singer Sencere was ready to visit a stranger who promised Shs5m to spend a night with her.

“Am gonna come through this week but I need money to work on my hair, do my makeup, and get an outfit for the gig,” reads part of the conversation Sencere allegedly had with a one Liam.

Liam, according to the screenshots cited shared by, claims to be the owner of a travel company as he stakes Shs5m for “just a night” with Sencere.

Sencere, an upcoming songstress affiliated to Pallaso’s TGM crew, then asks Liam to send a Shs500k deposit of the Shs5m as security with a promise of visiting him the next day.

Liam then asks her to send her location so that he sends his driver over to pick her with the requested deposit to which Sencere agrees but maintains that she will not get in the car without seeing the Shs500k deposit.

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She thereafter insists on having the money first to do her hair, nails, and find something to wear to look presentable before Liam can send his driver over to her.

The mother of one also assures Liam that she cannot steal the deposit (Shs500k) and miss the bigger money (Shs5m) and promises him a worthwhile experience that he will not regret.

“See how I look. I need to work on my hair, nails and get something to wear. Am not a fraud, that would be offensive if its what you think I am.

“Just 500k to cover for that. I promise after (I am) gonna give you a call you send your driver over. You won’t regret.

Who is Sencere?

Sencere is an upcoming local artiste behind songs like Tusula Ku Mwezi (feat. Pallaso), Muliro (feat. Jose Chameleone), Am In Love, and a couple of covers.

She has been in and around the music circles as a backup vocalist under Pallaso’s Team Good Music crew.

Her career seems to only have kicked off after her Muliro collaboration with Chameleone which was released in December 2020.

According to critics, these allegations are just a stunt like many others performed by celebrities to gain relevance in the limelight.

Sencere has not yet responded to the allegations!

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