Maritini Entertainment Group singer Fille Mutoni advises anyone living in any toxic environment; at work or in a relationship, to always walk out of it before the situation gets worse.

The singer shared the piece of advice while on a radio interview at Galaxy FM over the weekend as she shared more about her life and the tough times that she overcame a year ago.

Fille Mutoni made news headlines whilst struggling with drug addicition that saw her constantly check in and out of rehab on several occasions till she won the battle.

She even part ways with her thrn manager and baby daddy MC Kats after a couple of public fights in bars and different hangouts. The two could not agree on a common goal about life and family.

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She now advises people to always find the peace by walking out of toxic relationships or situations of a similar kind at their workplaces.

Don’t be a prisoner of your own self. Don’t jail yourself. If you’re in an abusive relationship, if you’re in toxicity, any type of toxicity.

It can be at work, relationship, it can be with business partners, it be can anything get out of it. You will find your way. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Fille Mutoni

Having overcome all the struggles that saw her put her music career on a halt, Fille Mutoni is now back, up and running with new music projects.

She currently has a new song with Babaritah dubbed “Essawa Yona” which is pretty performing well across the country.

Strong woman, isn’t she?

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