Veteran musician Halima Namakula believes most young artists are now joining the music industry for the sake of earning money from it but not out of passion.

Halima Namakula reasoned that today’s artists don’t want to perform before they are paid at concerts and events and some ask for too much money which at times they’re not even worthy of.

She went on to stress that by the time she joined the industry, it was all about passion and love for what they did.

Halima Namakula noted how back then, artistes would even rush towards an event organizer who held a show and promised to offer them with transport money.

These Young musicians joined the music industry for money, which is not the case for us who did it out of love.

Halima Namakula

Halima Namakula also opened up on how she disagrees with Jose Chameleone’s newly formed Uganda Superstars Association saying it was a very wrong move.

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She said that Chameleone’s association was formed just merely to beg for money and turn artists into beggars.

Halima Namakula then kindly requested artists seeking money to work for it rather than become beggars.

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