Good Old Days: Leila Kayondo, and Sully K Mbuga.

Over six years ago, Leila Kayondo was riding in SK Mbuga’s posh rides and splashing cash around the city. Today, she has no idea of who that name belongs to.

Leila Kayondo and Sully Kabangala Mbuga painted the city red with their bittersweet love affair and gave the least attention to whoever mentioned their relationship would end in tears.

Unfortunately, it did…and in premium tears for that case as Leila Kayondo once even reported to police about Mbuga’s violence.

Their abusive relationship ended in 2016 and despite several attempts to win her back, Mbuga was not successful until he decided to move on with another wife.

Leila Kayondo shows her disfigured face after allegedly being battered by SK Mbuga in 2016

She has since warned people against asking her about her ex-lover but the question keeps popping each time she appears in media.

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The Awo singer now claims not to have any memory about SK Mbuga. During a TV interview on Monday, Kayondo revealed that doesn’t even know who that name belongs to.

She said that following the loss of several of her family members in 2020, she has been traumatised to a point of memory loss.

Leila Kayondo said that she doesn’t even recognise herself anymore and so there is no way she can be remembering who SK Mbuga is.

“Who is he? The problem I got is that I lost my parents. It seems I got a memory loss,” Leila Kayondo said.

Leila Kayondo just returned from the USA where she has been living for a couple of months to regain her mental wellness.

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