A detailed look at the journeys of the top 5 female television presenters in Uganda with flopped music careers.

Before the glamour and fame you see now, several media personalities had tried their luck as musicians.

Some tried music at a later stage and failed before channeling their energy in other businesses. We look at the top 5 female TV personalities who flopped at music in this piece:

Precious Remmie

Despite being the fresher face on the mainstream TV scene, 28-year-old Remmie Nakitto, commonly known as Precious Remmie a.k.a Ray P, had a shot at music many years ago.

Precious Remmie was part of the City Rock Entertainment crew in 2011. She played a big role in their Omukazi Tadiba hit song where she showed off her acting skills in the visuals.

City Rock Entertainment started in 2006 as a karaoke group of boys and girls dancing and singing at bars.

In 2009, the group decided to release music of their own, dropping songs like Tereza (feat. King Saha), Koona (feat. Mun G), Nshanana, Omwoyo Omuluvu, Omukazi Tadiba, Nonya, Kavunza, Turn Me On, Kunzi Yangye, Driver, Owakazigo Njawulo, among others.

Ray P’s journey as a TV presenter began on Record TV in 2014 where she presented shows like Day Breaker, Ekitangaza, The Source, and Urban Square for 3 years before quitting in 2017.

In October 2018, after auditions, Precious Remmie together with Gabie Ntaate joined Spark TV as presenters of the Live Wire gossip TV show, replacing Zahara Totto and Anatalia who left for greener pastures at NBS TV.

At the time, the departing duo had set the bar so high and there were doubts the incoming duo would fill the void. Over the years, they have erased the doubts with their remarkable presentation.

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Fifi Da Queen

Twelve years ago, in 2010, Fiona Nabitengero Nsubuga a.k.a Fifi da Queen gave a shot at music with a couple of songs before turning to media.

On this list, Fifi seems to have had the most successful music career if we are to go by the number of songs she released and how they performed on the local audience.

Her songs Omukwano, Abakyala, Emitima gya Majimbi, Akasisi, Esaawa, Yoono, Swi wi swi, Alina Touch, among others gathered her a big following as an artiste.

She has been an employee of Bukedde TV since 2014 hosting popular music programs like Gwosalawo, Kanayokya Ani, and now Ekyenkya Kya Weekend.

In 2017, Fifi da Queen together with three other presenters were suspended from Bukedde TV by the then Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga over gross misconduct.

In 2020 she was again shortly suspended after a misunderstanding with one of the station managers but later returned on job.

Fifi da Queen is comfortable at Bukedde TV and now hosts the Ekyenkya Kya Weekend show every Saturday morning with Martin Ndijjo and MC Mazinga.

Zahara Totto

Born Nalumansi Zahara in 1985, Zahara Totto would never have imagined that she would later turn into one of the most sought after TV presenters.

With her skills, she has managed to greatly impact the entertainment news cycle with her UnCut Kalakata show on NBS TV but her journey started as a singer.

The self-styled Gossip Field Marshal Zahara Totto was part of the initial Obsessions all-girls group before leaving it for Maisha Dancers, and later Chilli Girlz.

The Chilli Galz group was, by 2010, one of the hottest girl groups in Uganda, giving stiff competition to other groups like The Obsessions, Dream Girls, Wafagio, among others.

From left to right: Nabacwa Mariam a.k.a Kabs, Sheila Uzamukunda a.k.a Shyla, Zahara Totto (with the guitar),  Peace Ayebale Charity a.k.a P-Tyra, Yvonne Karuyonga a.k.a Ivy made up the Chilli Galz in 2010

Formed in 2007, Chilli Galz was a project of the Ngoni duo and they serenaded Kampala with their music categorised as urban and local contemporary.

They used to perform their songs including Omulungi Yoono, Sexy ladies, Tosangika, Excuse me, twice a week at the popular Simba Casino.

Chilli Girls had a promising start to their career until Universal Entertainment, the company that had signed them, closed shop in 2011. Universal Entertainment had been businessman Rao Mohan’s brainchild. His sudden loss of interest in music and the related challenges he faced meant that the string of girl groups he had taken on could not carry on.

It is believed that Zahara Totto picked inspiration from the likes of Jose Chameleone and Juliana Kanyomozi to start her own career which flopped almost as soon as it started. Her music career is not traceable after 2012.

Zahara’s TV stint starts way earlier on WBS TV as a P.7 vacist, reading the kids’ news on the Teens Club show. After her time with the Obsessions, Zahara Totto shortly joined NTV as the first host of the T-Nation show.

In 2015, Zahara Totto rejoined Nation Media Group on Spark TV which had been formed with a feminist motive of having only female TV presenters.

She perfectly executed her role as the Live Wire show co-host on Spark TV with Anatalia Oze for three years.

In October 2018, Zahara Totto joined NBS TV together with Anatalia Oze from Spark TV, kick-starting their now popular show UnCut Kalakata.

The rest is history!

Flavia Namulindwa Ssali

In 2017, Dance N’ Beats Cultural Troupes CEO Flavia Mary Namulindwa Kubula visited Double Kick studio to record her first song dubbed ‘HIT’.

Despite being written by the talented David Lutalo and produced by Yaled Pro, her song never really made it in the music space, and that is where her music career stopped as well.

On August 19th 2021, Flavia Mary Namulindwa Kubula will be making 32-years-old and she is not in sight in the entertainment circles anymore.

She is now based in the USA where she relocated to late in 2019 after finding a better paying source of income.

Namulindwa graduated as a teacher and even taught the English subject at St Bernadette P/S in Nkozi.

She then studied for a diploma in Journalism from the Buganda Royal Institute where she got a scholarship from KEF – Kabaka Education Fund.

While studying for the diploma, she joined Bukedde TV to do internship but was retained for her exceptional skills, giving birth to her popular stint with her Oluyimba Lwo show. She later replaced Katongole Omutongole on the Full Doze program in 2015.

Namulindwa was shown the exit at the Industrial Area based media station in 2019 when she declared interest in joining politics and contesting for Gomba Woman MP in the 2021 elections under the anti-government National Unity Platform party.

There were rumors that she would continue her TV career at NBS TV but it never really happened for her hence relocating to the US where she seems to have found her footing again.

Zuena Kirema

In Zuena’s case, when a try in music flopped, she tried to stay relevant by trying her luck on a life stories TV show which also flopped.

It is not clear why a lady of her status would want to try the hustle in such very demanding careers, especially if your husband claims to be a rich man.

Zuena’s shot at music must have come through constant influence is defined by her husband Bebe Cool who featured her many of his music videos including Kasepiki, and Make A Wish most recently.

Her major song dubbed Owa Boda released in 2011 was an anti-climax despite the anticipation that was built around the music fans in waiting for it.

Her lyrics, wordplay, and vocals were so awful but for her stature, it received massive airplay but turned out a total flop.

In 2010, she had released Mata, a collaboration with Gagamel singers Eighton Sente and Rainman around the same time. Of the two, Mata was much better. She later decided music was never gonna be her poison.

When asked why she quit music in 2018, Zuena replied that it was just a stage in life which she wanted to try out.

She dropped it and picked up a TV career in 2013 replacing Justine Nameere on the Life Stories show on NTV Uganda. She lasted over two years on the show before resigning in May 2015 to “concentrate on unavoidable family issues.”

She eventually settled for the cake baking business which she had started earlier in 2012, and decorations which have both prospered over the years.

Today, the 37-year-old mother of five is one of the most respected and influential women in the country. We cam say, she eventually made it!

There are several more females that have given a shot at both music and hosting TV shows and have flopped but we shall stop here for now.

Nonetheless, we commend them for trying. It takes guts!

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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