Eight months after its release, Pia Pounds’ song Tupaate has shot for the skies, gaining massive airplay and rapidly rising on the music charts.

Tupaate now stands in number 7 on the list of iTunes’ Top 100 songs (Uganda).

MBU had a chat with Pia Pounds, real name Tracy Kirabo, to discuss the success that has shocked several and the mysterious man that made it happen.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Tupaate’?

“Tupaate” means “to the party” twende tupaate, “let’s go to the party”. The first lockdown led me to create a party fantasy vibe. Bars were closed just like it is now. I was at studio in the happiest mood and I recorded the song at midnight. It was a hot bang immediately, everyone around vibed to it.

Who wrote the lyrics and who produced the song?

I wrote the song with help from Kuseim, an award winning producer and talent developer. He also produced the song.

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For the first eight months since its release, the song didn’t receive the desired airplay. How did that make you feel?

I believed in the project so much. I named my EP ‘Tupaate’. Music is a risky game. I’ve learnt to take chances and leave the rest to God

The song is now a banger, it features on most music lovers’ playlists. How did you achieve this?

It’s only God, honestly it’s a miracle. I’ve promoted all my projects the same way, Tupaate didn’t get any special treatment. It all just happened. A diehard was recorded vibing to it, and that video changed my life.

How does Tupaate’s success make you feel?

I’m so, so happy and thankful. Humbled. I feel blessed. Seeing my music make people happy is my greatest desire. But also, I feel challenged to work thrice as hard.

Is it your biggest song ever? If not, which one is?

I thought Taala was but Tupaate is now my biggest song ever.

Having tasted the impact of social media in music promotion first hand, at what extent has it changed your perception about music promotion in general?

Uuhm well, music promotion went digital and has been for such a long time. I believe so so much in online numbers that’s why I keep my socials active.

It is said that you hired influencers to promote the song especially on Twitter. How true is this?

You call them influencers, I call them diehards. I didn’t pay anyone a coin, I didn’t but God has His way of answering our prayers.

Who is the mysterious guy behind the “It’s a Friday” memes?

I call him “the only true motivational speaker.” I’ve talked to him a few times now but through calls not in person. He’s such a huge Pia-music fanatic and a Ugandan music supporter. He comes from Mbale.

Have you met him before? If yes, what did you talk about when you met?

It’s my plan to meet him after the lockdown, I’ll be in Mbale.

‘Tupaate’ is almost a whole lockdown 2 anthem on its own. It stands at number 7 on iTunes Top 100 (Uganda), just below Eddy Kenzo’s ‘Weekend’. Did you ever dream of such?

Oh God is so kind, I prayed and prayed. I didn’t want to fail the people that had faith in me. Dreams do come true, I just didn’t know how.

What life lesson has the song’s success taught you?

I don’t know how to act yet when I hear or see people showing mad affection towards my voice and thoughts. It just blows my mind in a very humbling way.

Lesson: Let nobody tell you what you can and can’t be. You can be everything you strive to be.

What next after ‘Tupaate’?

Wait… I’m still enjoying my baby. I’ll let you know about any upcoming projects but for now, twende tupaate.

~ END ~

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