Choreography and music roll hand in hand because they perfectly compliment each other. In this piece, we look at the top 10 trending Ugandan dancers currently.

The dance and choreography industry in Uganda has quickly evolved to groom some of the best naturally gifted dancers in the East African region.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Martha Graham

Dancers have often added the much required entertainment to music videos and they earn a living from it.


Below are some of those top ten current crop of Ugandan dancers who have mastered the art and stood out among the rest and why they were chosen:

1. Faizal Mostrixx

Mostrixx is a dance creator, visualist and choreographer. He was a member of the Tabu Flo dance group. His dance technique and skills are unique. He gets to own his creations and makes dance speak and has won championships in Batalo East.

2. Dancemamweta

She is the first ever female dancer in Uganda who branded herself solo. Her energy on stage is amazing and she gets to fuse traditional dance moves in urban music genres.

Mamweta makes sure her choreography is lyrical to the tunes she has danced to. She has collaborated with other dancers through dance videos and also teaches dance in dance classes.

3. Joldine Anne a.k.a iam_joldine

Joldine is in the Fleekers group but individually, she stands out at contemporary dancing and urban dance styles like K-pop. She is one of the top ones for the future and the world should be ready for her.

4. Wembly Mo

Wembly Mo, real name Moses Kyeyune, has been around for a while and has remained relevant in the industry hence eraning his place on this list.

Wembly Mo

He is a dance legend in Uganda. Him creating the Wembly Mo Dance Foundation enabled other dancers to achieve their dreams. He is regarded a mentor by many in the dance industry.

5. Esther Namata

Namata is part of the IDU dancers group. She was the first, if not only, dancer to start up an Amapiano dance class in Uganda fusing it with the Ugandan traditional moves. Her ENERGY on the dance floor is incredibly infectious.

Esther Namata

6. Superbrotherz

Signed under the SBz Dance Company, the Superbrotherz is one of the most energetic dance groups specialising in Afro-dance, dancehall and Afro-house.

They collaborated with Dancemamweta to create the ‘Pretty Girl’ dance cover which made rounds on different top media stations. We commend them as great talents to watch out for.

7. Masaka Kids Africana

As far as fame is concerned, the Madaka Kids Africana take the lead on this list. This group of young talented dancers is composed of mostly children who get to share their gift with the world.

They have managed to wace the Ugandan flag globally and their numbers don’t lie. They have collaborated with some of the biggest stars in Uganda, Africa and overseas.

A video of them dancing to Eddy Kenzo’s hit song ‘Tweyagale’ recently made 100 million views and that alone should tell you more about their fame.

YouTube video

On YouTube, they boast over 363m combined views and possess a gold Creators YouTube award for surpassing the 1 million subscribers mark. In September 2020, it was reported that they earn about USD103,000 monthly.

We could go on and on if we are to dive deeper in the list of their achievements. They are special kids indeed!

8. H2C Dance Company

These 3 musketeers are a manifest of hard work and proof that a lot has been invested in the dance industry thus far.

From winning awards from Batalo East, to sharing their dance genres with the rest of the world, they are a major force.

They have been generous enough as well to pass on their skills to others through their dance class sessions where they get to teach people more about dance.

9. Eddie Wizzy

Matte Edgar a.k.a Eddie Wizzy was at some point the face of the Ugandan dance industry. He is also considered a mentor by many Ugandan dancers.

Eddie Wizzy

Eddie Wizzy’s long list of achievements includes a nomination in the prestigious Afrimma awards. Overtime, he has encouraged other dancers to take on their passion and taught dance till todate.

10. Valentino of Dance With Valentino

Valentino Richard Kabenge is a Ugandan Latin and Ballroom dancer and actor. His art is quite different from all the above mentioned and he can tell a story quite uniquely though his choreography.

Please Note: A couple of the popular names do not appear on this list because some are no longer active in the dance industry while others have dropped far off their peak.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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