Socialite Bad Black, real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa, is ready to go to court after being summoned over unpaid rent arrears.

According to recent reports, Bad Black failed to pay rent for over a year at a house she used to rent in Butabika, Luzira.

Reports further noted how she also had unpaid water bills of UGX2.5m on top of the unpaid arrears for the house which was worth over UGX5m per month.

In an alleged WhatsApp conversation with Ritah Kaggwa, comedian Patrick Salvado who claims that the rented house belonged to his sister revealed that she also had unpaid water bills amounting to UGX2.5m.

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In a Facebook post shared on Thursday, Bad Black shared documents showing how she was sent an eviction notice asking her to leave the house by 30th June, 2021.

In her defence, Bad Black says that she paid $1000 (UGX3.5m) in the same month that the eviction notice was sent to her.

She said that the monthly rent at the house was $1600 (over UGX5m) per month and she has been staying there since December 2018.

Bad Black notes that her income, just like many other Ugandans, was affected by the pandemic and she failed to pay rent arrears for three months after the landlord’s law firm failed to provide a revised tenancy agreement of 2021.

It should be remembered that at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, landlords were advised by government to ease on the rent arrears to accommodate the prevailing economic situation.

Bad Black is now ready to go to court and state her case. Read her statement and respective documents as provided by Bad Black below:

After even paying him $1000 in same month he sent me the vacate letter so let me clear fake blogs going on this media; Yes I was summoned to shift and am ready to go to court.

First of all that Butabiika house was $1600 monthly and I stayed in da house since Dec 2018. We are in a pandemic, si kyalaba ba investors. And if they demand $5000, that’s for 3 months which I failed to pay after asking the law firm to give me the tenancy agreement of 2021. They refused. Just they were stealing from their client. Why should I pay without tenancy agreement? No way. Nange ndi muntu nemelerwa so let them go to court, am ready with my lawyers.

If I signed any tenancy agreement, I will pay unless they want me to occupy the house again. That law firm, they wanted me to pay June yet they told me to vacate no way. We in lockdown tebankooya.

Bad Black

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