One of the female legends in the Ugandan music industry Chance Nalubega did not have it easy as a young musician and was often conned by music promoters.

While on the NTV Mwasuze Mutya talk show on Friday morning, singer Chance Nalubega revealed how there were many people who exploited young musician back when her music was hitting.

On top of her list are events promoters most notably Hajji Musa Kavuma, commonly known as KT Promotions.

Chance Nalubega stated that her music journey has been tough and she cannot forget the times when music promoters used to organize concerts and use their images without their consent.

These posters would attract her fans who would pay to attend the concerts only for them to reach when it’s other karaoke girls performing in her place.

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“When I was still young and trying to earn from my music, I set my standard at 300k if someone wanted me to perform at a show but some promoters used to put up our posters and hire other girls to perform in our places, hence eating our money,” Chance Nalubega told Ruth Kalibbala.

One time, while traveling along Entebbe road, she came across several posters with her photos being advertised for a concert. The show was being organised by KT Promotions.

Chance Nalubega says that she took one poster and reported the matter to police but she was not heloed at all, and that is where her beef with promoters started.

Maureen Nantume and Hajji Musa Kavuma of KT Promotions

The Omusheshe singer claims that when police ignored her report, she went straight to the venue of the concert and confronted the organiser but he also refused to pay her.

She says that it was such an embarrassing moment and she decided to return to Masaka where she reported the matter to her father’s lawyers.

I really hate these promoters upto today. When I saw my poster and police failed to help me I went direct to the venue and confronted Musa Kavuma but he refused to pay me my money.

He instead said he had someone else to perform in my place and that they were paying him only 50,000.

I was so ashamed and sad. I had to drive back to Masaka to get my Fathers Lawyer to help.

Chance Nalubega

Nalubega revealed that the lawyers were able to help her and promoters stopped printing posters with her photos without her consent.

With time, she adds, she was able to earn good money from her music and even staged her own concerts.

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