Producer George Bush Kagoda alias Bushingtone has aired his opinion concerning artistes being given handouts by Gen. Salim Saleh saying the act will not help grow the industry.

Bushingtone explained that the only thing that can help grow the arts industry is creation of proper structures whereby even if artistes do not perform on stage, they can still earn.

The music industry has been earning from only performances. In other countries, they perform less but earn from other structures which we do not have. This is not going to attract investors and will not push the industry.


He further stressed that Gen. Saleh’s money has only continued to divide the music industry. He added that artistes are bowing to him because they are currently not performing to make money due to the lockdown.

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Gen Saleh’s money has divided the music industry but this will pass. Artistes are in this situation because they are not making money due to the lockdown. But when concerts return, people will forget Saleh’s money.


Bushingtone also noted that all those seen meeting with Gen. Saleh some are not musicians but conmen and schemers.

Not everyone who goes to Gen Saleh is a musician. There is a lot of conmen and schemers. These attract the media which makes a big deal of it. These are not even in recognized associations. Some of them a Whatsapp groups.


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