Lucky Mbabazi

As a younger girl, Lucky Mbabazi was body shamed by a classmate who used to refer to her as “big lips” something which made her insecure.

Body shaming didn’t start yesterday. It is a vice that has only grown stronger especially with the globe being turned into one small village through social media.

According to Capital FM presenter Lucky Mbabazi, it is tougher to deal with body shaming in this era of social media and one has to develop a thick skin to get through it.

Mbabazi, who is not a stranger to body shaming, made the remarks while explaining how her confidence was dented by a classmate who used to bully her in school.

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The bubbly radio presenter revealed that her classmate loved bullying her and would often refer to her as big lips just to put her down.

She says that it indeed made her feel insecure as a young girl. Upon growing older, however, Mbabazi realised that her lips were not a bad feature on her body but it had already had an effect on her.

Over the years, she has built a thick skin to deal with negative comments and body shaming and urges her followers who could be going though the same to built thick skins.

I remember when I was bullied in school by a classmate who kept on calling me “big lips” because that’s how she chose to put me down and it actually worked.

I became so insecure because of believing her thoughts until I got much older and realised they were not so bad afterall.

Shout out to everyone who is made it out of school with all that body shaming and random bullying.

Hope you love yourself better now because social media is even worse than school and if you don’t build a thick skin you might lose yourself here.

Lucky Mbabazi

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