Amid criticism that she is loving a man younger than him, Kenyan singer Akothee, real name Esther Akoth, maintains that Nelly Oaks is her man and she is even planning on giving birth to two kids for him.

Nelly Oaks is a celebrated media personality and CEO of Oaks Media Limited which deals mainly in marketing and public relations for brands in Nairobi, Kenya.

Not much is known about his networth but he lives a good lifestyle, one, however, that cannot match Akothee’s.

It is for the above fact that netizens have always mocked him with claims that he is in a relationship with Akothee for the money.

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On the other hand, Akothee is also criticised of falling for the young man just for the experience and to use him without strong feelings being involved. Critics note that it will end in tears.

Through her Instagram account, the self-styled Madam Boss hit back at the critics asking them to stay out of her business.

Akothee maintained that she loves Nelly and that he is the man of her life right now.

She wrote, “He is the man in my life now. The rest are my past and (they) left gifts that we share. The cake now belongs to him and him alone. Stop pressing your frustrated life on my wall, Nelly Oaks is the man in my LIFE NOW. Tukiachana nitawaambia. I Love him to DEATH.”

Akothee further noted that despite failing at past relationships, she is willing to date Nelly and that she even already moved into his house.

“Having past failed relationship, doesn’t mean I won’t date. Let me manage your frustrations, you hypocrites, JOKA holier than thou. I even moved into his house by the way. Now call police, the boy is mine,” she added.

Akothee, who has often showcased her unapologetic attitude, hit back at her female critics pointing out how they too have their flaws including dating multiple partners.

She said that she is not about to stop posting her man and if it ever ends in tears, she will look for another one before revealing how she wants to have two children for him soon.

I will post my bae here until the day he will say he doesn’t want me, then with premium tears, I will look for anoda one.

For those complaining that he is too young, well, he is not complaining why do you feel for him? Are you carrying the weight for him?

I am having 2 kids for him soon. And if he dumps me or whatever the case, he will also belong to my baby daddy list, a friend, a partner and a soul mate. Are you satisfied now? Call police.


Madam boss kabisa!

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