Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black

After going back and forth following her rent arrears saga, Bad Black has written a scorching open letter to comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado.

On Friday last week, a WhatsApp conversation between UK-based blogger Ritah Kaggwa and Patrick Salvado accusing Bad Black of being a serial rent defaulter made its way online.

In the conversation, Patrick Salvado claimed that Bad Black, who has been renting at his sister’s apartments in Luzira, shifted at 2 AM in the morning and escaped without paying rent for almost a year.

The issues have been ongoing, back and forth, with Bad Black defending her position. She also revealed that she is ready to go to court after being summoned by her former landlord’s legal representatives.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Salvado mocked Bad Black in a cryptic Facebook post. The posts seems to have irked the socialite into writing this scorching letter to the comedian. Read it below;

Bad Black’s letter to Patrick Salvado

Open letter to you Patrick Salvador. Now days illiterate people educate those with degrees.

Been looking for the reason lwaki onesibyeko nyo as if nze Mun G eyazina nga karaoke daphine omukyala wo oli Rajiv Ruparelia gwe yakuwasiza embagga.

Patrick me and You we are totally different people starting from age different, culture plus life goals. You wanted a come back that’s why you decided to jump on me.

If you at 55yrs you just got two bedroom house after many years of begging and licking people’s anus until H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni helped you like a dead expired dog, he gave you 50 million then Rajiv gave you everything you have and your house.

Salvador you’re a total disgrace to our nation or you want me to remind you how you went in USA to be registered in LGBT (abasiyazi) for money.

You’re a life failure who will be forever on Alex Muhangi’s spell take it from me yakumaliliza. That’s why everyone is your boss.

Also apart from begging, why can’t you post the house your mother sleeps in or you’re waiting for me to help you? On my Snapchat a lot of people know your family so kindly stay away from me or you will regret forever.

After all struggle you still get involved in women war. So my issue is understandable, I just left prison 4 yrs ago with nothing, lost everything and I accepted to begin afresh but still am better than you.

Daphine gwo tuyasamiza twali twetudda ffena ku Speke Hotel ne Kololo. There is no musician who has not fucked her all those up coming bonna kati yakoowa to settle with a living monkey shaped in pig form.

You’re way too broke some of us we not good in begging either way teach me go back in village sort your family before I expose you in few days.

What’s your profession apart from begging? Tell Daphine nti solen omuzungu amutumidde stripper wo. Will be back!

Bad Black

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