NBS TV presenter Douglas Lwanga is being accused by a twitter user who claims he asked for nudes when she asked him for a job in 2020.

At 12:46 am on 28th July, 2021, a Twitter user under the handle @Aghieatwyne1 (AG_Baby) spilled some hot tea on Douglas Lwanga’s name.

In a tweet, the tweep revealed how she was asked for nudes by the NBS After 5 presenter Douglas Lwanga when she asked for a job during the first lockdown in 2020.

AG Baby alleges that she messaged Lwanga on Twitter asking him if he knew anyone that needed a worker and he asked that she sends him her nudes.


“Life is hard. I remember the day I messaged Douglas Lwanga on these streets in the 1st phase of lock down asking him if he knew anyone that needed a worker, I told him I could do anything and ni**a asked me to send him my nudes, I was so frastrated I just deleted that chat,” reads @Aghieatwyne1’s tweet.

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She narrated that the experience frustrated her and she even deleted the chats she had with the media personality.

She questioned if Douglas Lwanga was also asked for nudes before being given a job when joining NTV Uganda.

@Aghieatwyne1 believes that many women have fallen victim of the same and advises them not to rely on anyone but to work hard and not let people get in their heads.

And moved on, few months later, I was very desperate, my auntie wanted me to get a job, my mum too. I approached my cousin and she allowed me to work for her and I haven’t looked back since. Moral of the story, you have to have your own back sis, celebrities ain’t your bros.

Work hard for you, do what you believe you can do to survive and do let people get in your head all because of money, I’m thinking nobody asked Douglas Lwanga for nudes when he was joining NTV Uganda but he said that to me because I’m a female!

@Aghieatwyne1 added

Douglas Lwanga is not the first celebrity to be involved in similar accusations. He is yet to respond to the allegations.

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