On their new gospel collaboration dubbed ‘Mbikwasagwe’, Flex D’Paper and Shena Skies showcase their vast talents.

“Mbikwasagawe” is a Luganda word translated to mean “I hand them over to you”. Like the title goes, it is a gospel song for hope.

The song, which comes in anticipation of Flex D’Paper’s Kampala Boy album, was produced by Aethan Music and mixed by Sam Lamara at Icon Studios.

Shena Skies’ unmissable vocals effortlessly provide an edge on the chorus as Flex D’Paper does his thing on the verses with his trademark rap style.

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Flex reveals that he has always wanted to work with the multi-talented Shena Skies and the idea of Mbikwasagwe was developed when she found him recording the song at Icon Studios.

“Shena found me recording the song at Icon Studios and then we talked about the idea of her doing the hook and she immediately sung it. Within a few minutes the song was done,” Flex D’Paper told MBU.

He also sung praises of the uniqueness Shena Skies adds to the industry as one of the reasons her sound stands out.

Shena Skies is a talented artist whose works I’ve always admired; be it from writing for others to her own songs. She has a different sound she brings, not the usual sound.

Flex D’Paper

The visuals were shot by Hennix Touch and Kwezi Films. Take a gaze at the entire production of the video which was done by Majid Mali:

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