Multi-faceted rising Ugandan artist, Baraka Joshua is looking forward to emerge as a nationwide superstar with the release of his debut Extended Play (EP) titled “Baby Steps” and is ready to grab the game by its horns.

Listening to his EP, the talented singer has undoubtedly brought an energy and level of excitement that both causal listeners, and enthusiasts, may argue has been missing from Ugandan music lately.

As a result, many have banked on him to be somewhat of a saviour, and some are proclaiming that he’s on the path to be one of the rookies to look out for in the near future.

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Baby Steps is a collection of songs that Baraka Joshua has been working on over the past year and a few months. On the album, he showcases his melodic approach and enthralling, multi-layered harmonies, which allow him to buoy over different styles of productions.

He glides on the diverse productions with ease and smoothly switches between flows, all while maintaining a gripping cadence and sharp lyricism – which ranges between evocative, introspective, boastful and sometimes playful.

Below, Baraka Joshua opens up about his musical journey and what he hopes to achieve with his debut offering “Baby Steps”.

So you’re about to drop your debut EP. What can you tell us about the project?

The EP has four songs. Each song has a first step to something. It’s an intimate and personal experience so expect to feel something when you listen.

How long have you been working on the EP?
Well, I started working on the EP in 2020 at the beginning of the lockdown. That is when I started to get ideas for the production and also wrote three of the songs. I wrote “Tewekweka” in 2019 though.

Who are the producers you worked with on the project?
I produced each of the songs. It was such an experience for me since it pushed me to learn more…I guess that’s why it took me so long.

What’s your favorite song on the EP and why?
I love every song on the EP but ‘Be Me’ is the one most intimate to me because it tells my story.

There’s a song on the EP called “How It Feels”. Is there a story we should know about?
There is no break-up story (laughs)… It’s just a song for everything I lost that I didn’t want to.

Having said all of that, what are you hoping to achieve from your debut EP?
I hope to touch a heart or two and evoke an emotion in anyone that listens.

After the EP what’s next?
We will see how it works but in the meantime am working on more music since it’s a lifestyle for me.

Who inspired you to join the music industry and what are the challenges and positive things you have got from music?
I just felt I had something to say to the world and music was the only way I could speak best. People telling me my music has inspired them or helped them go through something is amazing and crazy to me. Also, I’ve got some ka money here and there 😂.

Basically, I am inspired by Bob Marley, Maurice Kirya, Cory Henry and many more artists that have shaped my approach to music. I wish to make this world a better place by pushing one song at a time with intentional lyrics and catchy melodies.

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Which artists would like to collaborate with in the future?
Very many artists…too many actually 😂

What keeps you sane or energized while working?
Honestly, God and my friends keep me motivated.

Below are the four songs that singer Baraka Joshua intends to push as he makes his cut into the limelight.

  1. How It Feels
    It’s a song about wishing you didn’t lose someone you did and hoping they were with you but you had to leave them or they left you.. A common feeling in day to day life.

2. Be Me
An open letter to the world asking it to let me be me. Something we all want to say sometimes but never get the courage to.

3. Let Me Love
Asking for love and the budding of happiness through love for a ‘friend’ or anyone at that.

4. Love You
An imperfect song about imperfections and insecurities, hiding and shying away from greatness and ultimately happiness because we don’t feel enough.

Additionally, Baraka Joshua’s rich musical background exposed him to different forms and variations of rhythm and melody. He writes, sings, produces music, plays piano, and guitar which he picked up at an early stage.

Easy but not talkative, Music Lover, DM for any leads in local entertainment.

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