Local rapper Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju has shared his opinion on the recently concluded artistes retreat in Gulu where they met with Gen. Salim Saleh.

According to Gravity Omutujju, the music training retreat that saw artistes rewarded with certificates was a confirmation of selling the music industry to the government officially.

He explained that there was nothing musicially that Gen. Salim Saleh could teach artists saying that it is the artists who had to instead teach Gen. Saleh about music.

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Gravity went ahead to reason that the only thing that Gen. Saleh could teach artists is how to survive without events or how to earn from digital platforms.

When asked what he thinks of the list that made rounds on social media where artistes asked for huge sums of money, Gravity reasoned that they might have sold off their music catalogues to Gen. Saleh.

He went on to brag about how he does not need any money from Gen. Saleh stating that he is well off.

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