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Singer Cinderella Sanyu Muyonjo alias Cindy Sanyu has reacted to her cryptic post that was attacking women who constantly bash men, saying she wasn’t hitting hard at her nemesis Sheebah Karungi.

Cindy Sanyu cleared the air about her new rivalry with Sheebah after different media platforms alleged that her post was reportedly directed to her.

Speaking in an interview on Spark TV, Cindy Sanyu explained there are too many other women out there who criticize and bring men down.

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She advised feminists to stop putting men down adding that they should instead encourage men to do what they have to do and women to also execute their roles as they have to.

Cindy Sanyu added it is even evident with the way God created women physically which clearly implies that women shouldn’t do what men can do.

First of all, I didn’t mention any names in my post so don’t suggest or put names to it, you understand. I don’t think she is the only woman who advocates for feminism. I don’t think she is the only one. I think there are too many women advocating for the wrong thing.

This is because personally, I think instead of dragging men down, we should just encourage men to do what they have to do. The truth is if at the end of the day, men take their responsiblities and women also do what they are supposed to do, there is no one going to have any problem.

The only challenge is that if men ditch their roles and we find women doing what they have to do then that is where the problem is. But that doesn’t mean that we can do what men can do. That is not correct.

Physically, the way women were created we’re not to do what men do.

Cindy Sanyu

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