Jose Chameleone, and several other artistes, have been warned against using and reselling albums and songs which they sold to Kasiwukira Limited many years ago.

Businessman Eriya Bugembe Sebunya, alias Kasiwukira, died on 17th October, 2014 after being hit by a car while he was out jogging in the morning in the neighbourhood of his residence in Muyenga.

Before his death, however, he had signed legal agreements with over 500 local artistes, giving permission of full and partial ownership to their music through his Kasiwukira Limited.

Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Maddox, Ragga Dee, Catherine Kusasira, Radio and Weasle, Mesach Semakula, are some of the top names that were singled out to have sold part of their music catalogue to Kasiwukira Limited.

The late Eriya Bugembe Sebunya alias Kasiwukira

In 2003, Chameleone sold all rights to his Bei Kali album to Kasiwukira Limited giving the company rights to own, distribute, promote, broadcast, and collect royalties from songs on the album.

In November 2005, Chameleone also wholly sold rights to his 7-track album Shida Za Dunia to Kasiwukira Limited for Ugx37m with the help of Mpeirwe and Tomanya Advocates.

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The transaction meant that Kasiwukira took over ownership of the songs on the above said music albums and hence cannot be resold by the artistes.

Recent days have had rumors alleging that Chameleone and many other artistes sold their music catalogue to UgaTunes which is owned by Gen. Salim Saleh.

While speaking to NBS TV, the late Kasiwukira’s heir Mpoza Ssebunya who is also the administrator of Kasiwukira Limited warned artistes against reselling the music catalogues that are already owned by Kasiwukira Limited to other companies.

We started purchasing this music in 1992 upto around 2008. We used to buy copyright of albums which usually comprised of six to ten songs.

We bought copyright off most of the artistes like Jose Chameleone’s Bei Kali, Mambo Bado, Dorotia, Mama Mia, Sivyo Ndivyo. Also, we bought Radio and Weasel’s Zuena album, Ragga Dee’s Ndigida and Nugu albums.

We also bought albums from (Catherine) Kusasira, Mesach Semakula, Eagles Production, Maddox Ssematimba, Abdul Mulaasi, and several others.

We are claiming what is rightfully ours!

Mpoza Ssebunya
Ragga Dee

Kirumira Hassan, a lawyer of the Kasiwukira Estate, further enlightened more about the music albums that were purchased by Kasiwukira Limited.

“As (Kasiwukira) estate, we are concerned about what has been happening involving rumors that some artistes are thinking about selling their music which is already owned by another company,” Kirumira said.

According to the agreements signed with Kasiwukira Limited, Chameleone is not authorised to give or sell the specified albums to any person to company.

The Leone Island boss and other artistes who sold their catalogues have been advised against indulging themselves in using and selling the music without permission from Kasiwukira Limited and failure of doing so will lead to court.

The lawyers revealed that their next course of action is to write to YouTube and other social media companies to claim ownership of the specific songs.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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