President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni believes the closure of Facebook has not had any effect on the development of Uganda and the country can exist without it.

Facebook has been banned since January 2021, when the government literally switched off the internet ahead of the January 14th presidential elections.

Despite other social media platforms being switched back on when the internet was reinstalled, Facebook has remained closed.

Several Ugandans have had to use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to access one of the most popular social networks in the world since its closure in the country.

A number of Ugandans have aired their dissatisfaction in the president’s decision arguing that Facebook is a platform they use to market many businesses and limiting its access stunts the country’s economy.

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President Museveni thinks not. He also believes that Uganda should not be bothered because it can survive without Facebook.

While speaking at a function to welcome the Ugandan team that participated in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 games on Wednesday 11th August, 2021, the president said that Facebook closure has not affected the economy.

The other day I checked to see whether bananas are still being produced. I thought bananas would stop if facebook closed. I checked and I found cows are still milking and fish is still in the lake. We can exist without facebook. Those biased people should not bother us.

President Y.K Museveni

According the the fountain of honor, the country can continue functioning without the social media platform.

This could mean that Ugandans might have to wait a little longer before the ban on Facebook is lifted.

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