Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone discussing.

Following the hot Gulu retreat debate, Jose Chameleone believes that if Bobi Wine is still an artiste, his input is required for the industry to move forward.

It is hard to know which, of politician and musician, defines Bobi Wine perfectly…atleast according to fellow legendary singer Jose Chameleone.

The Leone Island boss tasked the Firebase Crew boss to come out clearly and state whether he is still a musician or if his focus is now entirely into politics.

To make these statements, Chameleone was responding to Bobi’s criticism of the artistes that met Gen. Salim Saleh in Gulu.

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Bobi Wine described the artistes who met Saleh in Gulu as “beggers”, something that Chameleone finds disrespectful.

The Kiggwa Leero singer, while appearing on NBS TV, also referred to Bobi as an even more serious begger because he met Gen. Salim Saleh way before they did.

Chameleone also said that if Bobi was not a begger, he would not have campaigned while begging for people’s votes prior to the January Presidential elections.

“If Bobi Wine says we are beggars, why did he also traverse the whole country begging for votes? He should have stayed at his home and not ask to be voted,” Chameleone noted.

Chameleone also said that if Bobi Wine is still a serious musician, he should stop criticising efforts of other musicians but rather to join them and come up with solutions to their problems.

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