Music critic, Edward Ssendi has predicted that it will end in tears for singer Catherine Kusasira if she dares to contest for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) come 2022.

Edward Ssendi predicted Kusasira’s fall in politics upon knowing that she plans to stand for the position after she appeared in an interview struggling to make a complete English statement while live on air.

During the interview, Kusasira claimed she is the best and sweetest candidate to take on the EALA seat and she will be running on the NRM flag.

I am one of the sweetest candidates to run for the East African Legislative Assembly on the NRM flag.

Catherine Kusasira

Kusasira maintained that she has the required academic documents to contest for the post saying she returned to school and has everything she requires to contest.

When Kusasira was given a call during the Talk N Talk show, she expressed that she was disappointed in Ssendi for trying to demoralize her but maintained that she won’t back off her agenda adding that she is destined to win.

Ssendi advised Kusasira to step down from the race saying politics is not an easy thing citing that veteran NRM politicians won’t back her up to win the race but will rather fight her so hard to see that she fails.

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